2.1.1 Module API

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hexo/atomic.hAtomic memory operations primitives
hexo/bit.hBit operations
hexo/context.hExecution context management stuff
hexo/cpu.hStartup and misc cpu related functions
hexo/endian.hInteger values byte-swaping and endian stuff
hexo/enum.hC enum reflection
hexo/error.hCommon error codes definitions
hexo/flash.hWrite access to memory mapped flash
hexo/iospace.hIo and memory address spaces functions access
hexo/ipi.hInter-processor interrupts
hexo/local.hProcessor local and context local, language global variables features
hexo/lock.hSpinlock stuff
hexo/ordering.hSerializing operations and memory barrier primitives
hexo/types.hStandard integer types definitions
interrupt.hInterrupts, exceptions and syscall events management
hexo/decls.hVarious build system related defs (internal)

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