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04 Aug 2022

Introduction [link] 

MutekH is a free, highly portable and flexible operating system kernel targetting platforms ranging from micro-controller to multiprocessor systems.

MutekH has a modular exokernel architecture. It is built on a clean processor and platform abstraction layer, a set of base kernel services and a set of additional service libraries.

The exokernel comes with several operating system interface libraries and service libraries, including a devices support library with device drivers APIs for various classes of devices. This allows development of applications which are portable across hardware platforms.

The kernel was designed to be easily extended with new libraries and platform support. It is fully configurable in order to match application needs and platform constraints. Moreover it has an easy to use build system and a testsuite.

MutekH takes advantage of advanced compilation techniques like C99 inlining and preprocessor metaprogramming in order to optimize binaries while keeping the source code modular. It relies on a comprehensive container template library.

MutekH is able to run on various processors and platforms.

Source code [link] 

The source code can be browsed online:

See the Building MutekH section to get started.

Contact [link] 

The mailing list is available for discussing MutekH. You may subscribe by sending a message to

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