device/valio/uart_config.h header reference
[Valio device attributes module]

The source code of this header can be browsed online.

Description [link] 

UART valio subclass only defines configuration parameters for UART devices. Data path of UART devices goes through the Character device class.

Parameters addresed by this class are:

  • Baud rate,

  • Character bit size,

  • Character framing (Start, stop bits, parity),

  • Line control (flow control)

Depending on character device, device may be configuring the hardware (like for actual serial port), or receiving external instructions (like for CDC-ACM devices). Using valio allows the application to wait for changes on parameters for the latter.


Members [link] 

Type [link] 

Members detail [link] 

#define __DEVICE_VALIO_UART_H__ [link] 

This macro is declared in device/valio/uart_config.h source file, line 47.

enum valio_uart_config_att [link] 

This enum is declared in device/valio/uart_config.h source file, line 60.

VALIO_UART_CONFIGA struct valio_uart_config_s
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