4.3.6 Microchip PIC32MZ
[Platforms module]

The Microchip PIC32MZ module is described through the following subsections:

Building for a PIC32MZ Starter kit  

make CONF=examples/hello/config BUILD=pic32-stkmzec:ihex TARGET_EXT=hex

Use of Microchip PICkit 2  

Programming with MPLAB IPE  

Select your .hex file and simply start a programmation.

Debugging with EJTAGPROXY  

Launch ejtagproxy and connect a GDB on port 2000.

Use of JLink v9 probe  

Programming a PIC32MZ2048ECH144 with JLinEXE  

JLinkExe -if jtag -device PIC32MZ2048ECH144 -speed 8000

On JLink prompt:

loadfile hello-pic32-mips32el.hex

Debugging with JLinkGDBServer  

Launch JLinkGDBServer and connect a GDB on port 2331.

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