4.3.2 Cohbam Gaisler
[Platforms module]

The Cohbam Gaisler module is described through the following subsections:

Building [link] 

make CONF=examples/hello/config BUILD=gaisler-leon3

Running on a Nexys4 fpga board [link] 

First, load the gaisler design in the fpga:

xc3sprog -c nexys4 leon3mp.bit

Then load and run the kernel using gdb:

grmon -u -uart /dev/ttyUSB0 -gdb &
sparc-unknown-elf-gdb hello-gaisler-leon3.out
(gdb) target extended-remote 127.1:2222
(gdb) load
(gdb) continue

You can also load and run the kernel using grmon:

grmon -u -uart /dev/ttyUSB0
grmon2> load hello-gaisler-leon3.out
grmon2> run
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