ble/net/gatt.h header reference
[Bluetooth Low Energy library module]

The source code of this header can be browsed online.

Description [link] 

This header defines Network Layer API for a GATT server. This layer mostly handles requests defined by the ATT layer.

GATT Server layer is backed by an attribute database and peer information that needs to be passed as construction parameters.

There is a generic implementation of this layer in the library that can be created through ble_gatt_create.

Members [link] 

Type [link] 

Members detail [link] 

#define BLE_GATT_H_ [link] 

This macro is declared in ble/net/gatt.h source file, line 21.

struct ble_gatt_params_s [link] 

This struct is declared in ble/net/gatt.h source file, line 52.

this struct defines instanciation parameters for a GATT server layer.

struct ble_peer_s * peer;Pointer to a peer structure filled with available information.
struct ble_gattdb_s * db;Pointer to a GATT database.
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