1.1 Quick start

The section lists the steps required to build a MutekH kernel file on a x86 GNU/Linux box, assuming you have common development packages installed (make, perl, mercurial...).

Get a precompiled tool-chain for your target processor from https://www.mutekh.org/tools/precompiled/ and unpack the archive:

$ wget https://www.mutekh.org/tools/precompiled/mutekh_arm_toolchain-4.9.3-i386-linux.tar.gz
$ sudo tar -C/ -xvzf mutekh_arm_toolchain-4.9.3-i386-linux.tar.gz
$ export PATH=$PATH:/opt/mutekh/bin

Clone the repository using mercurial:

$ hg clone http://www.mutekh.org/hg/mutekh
$ cd mutekh

Build the ELF file containing an example application along with the kernel for your favorite platform:

$ make CONF=examples/hello/config BUILD=efm32-stk3600

You might want to build a binary file instead:

$ make CONF=examples/hello/config BUILD=efm32-stk3600:binary

You will then need to flash the kernel into your board or run the MutekH kernel in a simulator, depending on the platform you have chosen.

The Supported platforms section contains more platform specific build command lines.

You can now start hacking the application code by editing examples/hello/hello.c.

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