2.3.4 Module API

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device/class/bitbang.hIO bitbang driver API
device/class/char.hCharacter device driver API
device/class/cmu.hClock and power management driver API
device/class/cpu.hProcessor driver API
device/class/crypto.hCryptographic processing device driver API
device/class/display.hDisplay device driver API
device/class/dma.hDirect memory access driver API
device/class/enum.hDevice enumerator driver API
device/class/gpio.hGeneral purpose IO driver API
device/class/i2c.hI2C bus controller driver API
device/class/icu.hInterrupt controller driver API
device/class/iomux.hIO muxing driver API
device/class/mem.hMemory device driver API
device/class/net.hNetwork device driver class
device/class/pcm.hSound device driver API
device/class/pwm.hPulse Width Modulation controller driver API
device/class/rfpacket.hRF transceiver packet interface driver API
device/class/smi.hSystem Management Interface driver class
device/class/spi.hSPI bus controller driver API
device/class/timer.hTimer device driver API
device/class/usbdev.hUSB device controller driver API
device/class/valio.hValue IO driver class
device/clock.hDevice clock and power graph
device/device.hDevice structures and device tree
device/driver.hDriver structures and driver API classes
device/irq.hDevice interrupts graph
device/request.hGeneric device request
device/resources.hDevice resources
device/types.hDevice related types
device/usb/usb.hUSB spec related definitions







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